Scot Sat’s new HYDRALITE ‘Pay per MByte’ service is designed to offer a low-cost alternative to existing global data service providers. Coupled with affordable voice services, we at Scot Sat, believe that your crew will benefit from our simple account set-up and management of data / voice usage.

How does it work?

Scot Sat will deliver your antenna to the vessel with our engineer. No shipping or customs hold-ups to deal with, the antenna is simply hand-carried on to your vessel and installed. We need the vessel to be ready, in advance, of the antenna installation by having an available mounting position (see details here), a 240/110 V power supply and finally an RJ45 connector near the antenna position, so that our engineer can connect to the vessel’s Wi-fi or LAN. Normal CAT-5 or CAT-6 cable is sufficient.

As long as the vessel’s crew usage levels are above 200 Mbytes per month, you don’t have to pay for antenna usage. YES, THE ANTENNA IS FREE!

Our antenna will switch seamlessly between Global Ku-band beams, providing continuous and reliable satellite service. Our coverage map can be seen here.

Crew Packages

Crew can access a number of ‘pay per Mbyte’ packages for data usage over satellite.

When accessing our data service for the first time, crew members will be asked to set-up a new account with their own credit card details. Thereafter, they will be able to access their individual account with their own email address and chosen password.

NB: Each data package is valid for 30 days from date of purchase. Thereafter, the package expires, unless it is topped up by the crew member / account holder within the validity period. Please request our full terms and Conditions of Service.

Fleet / Vessel Packages

Fleets or individual vessel owners can set up blocks of accounts / or be creditors for their crew members. Larger volumes of Mbytes purchased in advance will attract more competitive pricing. See packages for data usage. Quotes for fleet packages can be provided for anything up to 100 GBytes. Please contact us for a bespoke package for your fleet wide requirements.